Economic Empowerment and Social Integration


The rationale is to enhance the capacity development of women and youths to gain relevant skills which can enable them to create sustainable enterprises to better their livelihoods and contribute to the economic development of their communities.

BeLA notes that social integration is more viable when societies move toward sound economic goals. As such, social integration is a highly desirable outcome that reflects the existence of social cohesion, a strong institutional foundation, and a culture of acceptance. Societies are better off if they promote social integration through inclusive policies that reduce economic inequality and poverty and promote sustainable and equitable development. 

BeLA realises this objective by carrying out the following activities:

 Empower and ensure women and youth acquire knowledge and skills to enable them plan, start and manage their own Income Generating Activities (IGA) 

 Build capacity of women and youth and enhance ability to become entrepreneurs and self-employed 

 Advocate for implementation of policies that promote women and youth engagement in gainful livelihoods and entrepreneurial activities

 Create platforms for knowledge and experience sharing at community, regional, national level and beyond with the aim of replication and upscale

 Leverage sports for development as a gateway to socio-economic development and enhancing social integration

Strengthened interventions that addresses the restoration of human dignity, builds caring communities and responds to holistic and collective trauma