Girl Leadership and Mentorship

·        BeLA brings together women and young girls after every two months to share their Knowledge, Experience and Best practices as Impact Leaders with young women who are aspiring to become Impact Leaders like them. These meetings are intended to serve as a mentorship platform to lift other young women up, giving them a one on one session with a young woman who they admire and aspire to be like her and a general session to inspire, empower and equip other Young Women Leaders as well. 

        This platform or meetings have as objective to get most answers to questions and challenges girls face as a young woman, growing professional and community Leader. It is desired for young girls to tap from the knowledge, experiences and best practices of the Experienced Women Leaders in the community in the areas of: - Self Esteem and Body Image - Entrepreneurship - Women’s Health - Women’s Rights - Financial Management - Leadership - Career Path Choices - Excelling as an Artist etc