BeLA Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop on the 27th of January 2019

Sat 16th, Feb 2019, 11:34

Our very first Official Workshop on Youth Entrepreneurship was more successful than we could imagine.

Bringing together over 25 young people from all walks of life, with a shared passion for Social Entrepreneurship and business, as well as experts in these domains to impart on the young one’s useful skills and knowledge needed to start off. 

Mrs Eleen Ndze, Founder and President of BeLA, in her emphatic keynote speech expressed the raison-d’etre of the workshop. 

“My hope at the end of today, is that each and every one of you leaving here be mentally empowered and inspired to fend for yourselves by starting up business ventures, social enterprises in order to drive sustainable development in your communities.” She said. 

The workshop was made up of two training sessionas and a Business Development Group work by the participants.

In the first session, Development Strategist and Consultant, MR Gotrand Burninyuy engaged the participants in an insightful session on “Building a social venture and enhancing Sustainability”. Here, they looked at the WHY and HOW of starting a Social Enterprise, in very comprehensive ways that left our participants visibly enlightened.

In the next session, Mr DC Gevala, Serial Entrepreneur and Businessman, talked on “Starting a Business”. The seasoned businessman shared with the participants the secrets on ways to identify and generate business ideas, and further how to develop and launch them into actual profitable businesses. 

Next, our participants were divided into two groups, and tasked to use the skills they had learned so far to come up with a solid idea for a social enterprise and the other, a business venture.

After serious team work, deliberation and the group heads delegated by their teams pitched their venture ideas, to the amazement of the Facilitators. 

Finally, we had a success story from budding businesswoman, Seyin Benis, Manager of Seyin cookies tell her story and inspire our participants to start something, no matter how small and watch how effort and consistency would make it grow. 

Motivational Speaker and Trainer Mottanni was there to give the participants a motivational boost to take action and turn their passions and ideas into actual ventures. 

We remain grateful to our facilitators Mr Gotrand, DC Gevala, Motanni for the Motivation, not forgetting our partners:  Coconuts, Seying cookies, and most importantly, our participants. Thank you all for making this a success. This was the beginning of a beautiful journey.