The Conception Journey of BeLA

Mon 24th, Dec 2018, 14:13

It takes time to conceive true greatness.

It has been an interesting journey for us, the processes of giving birth to this baby, BeLA. In 2017, we started activities such as seminars and workshops under the name Safeworld Foundation. The lives of many young people were impacted under this banner.

However, we had to sit back, rethink and rebrand our whole concept. Our awesome partners, Y'ems Group Incorporated was with us through the entire enterprise development and re-branding phase, offering their unmatched expertise and a touch of magic to this project.

After weeks of re-strategizing, rethinking and polishing the idea, the final product is BeLA-Beacon of Light Association.

We believe this is the beginning of something great, through which lives will be imparted, and bit by bit, we will contribute to bring a Beacon of Light and hope, by building a safer world for everyone. A world where everyone is safe enough to be the best version of themselves.

Welcome to Beacon of Light