Peace Building and Democratic Living

28th May 2020


We cannot live comfortably and happily in our community if people are always fighting and there is violence. It is therefore important that every member helps to make sure that our community is safe and comfortable.

Efforts and activities put in place to ensure that the community becomes a comfortable and a happy place to live in is known as Peace Building.


Peace building and democratic living

Peace building are processes and activities used in resolving violent conflicts and establishing peace.

Peace building promotes democratic living


Importance of Peace Building

1. Peace building avoids conflicts from escalating and helps prevent conflicts in areas where there are none

2. Peace building also helps create security and stability within our community and country at large

3. When there is conflict, life and property are destroyed, peace building therefore helps safeguard lives and properties

4. Peace building fosters unity and togetherness among people

5. Peace building contributes to development as we are saved the extra expenditure we would have incurred in restoring damaged properties during conflicts


Preventing Conflicts in Our Community

1. We must respect other people irrespective of their tribe, religion etc.

2. We must also tolerate other people’s views and accept the way they are

3. We must also forgive those who wrong us

4. We must be honest in our dealings with other people

5. Through negotiation, we can also agree on matters of concern


Peaceful Ways of Resolving Conflict

1. Amicable settlement of disputes

2. Use of alternative dispute resolution methods like

• Mediation: When someone (mediator) settles conflicts between two or more people

• Negotiation: It is a discussion between conflicting parties aimed at reaching an agreement.

• Arbitration: The hearing, determining and settling of a dispute by a person/persons. The conflicting parties both agree on this person or persons.

• Using the law courts: Litigation


Attitudes that Promote Peace in a Community

1. Forgiveness

2. Tolerance

3. Love for others

4. Respect for people’s views

5. Avoiding ethnic superiority

6. Showing empathy

7. Willing to co-operate with others

8. Avoiding remarks that belittles or demean others

9. Summary

10. Peace building describes the processes and activities in resolving violent, conflicts, and maintaining peace.