2 Day Workshop on Building the Capacities of Young Girls and Women on how to combat Online Gender Based Violence

05th Mar 2023

In the fast growing digital world, women and girls are becoming more vulnerable to online forms of gender based violence. It has been reported that 51% of girls online have reportedly experienced some form of online GBV personally. Also, 39% of girls across major cities in Africa are very concerned about their safety online.

It is on this backdrop that, in collaboration with Nkumu Fed Fed on the European Union Project dubbed STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS NOW!, BeLA's HerTechSpace Project coordinator, Ndze Regina, organized a Two-Day Workshop to build the capacities of 20 girls and young women on combating Online Gender Based Violence.

The 2-day workshop was aimed at:

  • Sensitizing the young girls and women on the various forms of Online Gender Based Violence such as Cyber-Bullying, Cyber-Stalking, Doxing, Harassment, Damaging reputation amongst others.

  • Educating them on the concept of Digital Footprints and its impacts, both positive and negative, as well as how to be build a positive digital footprint

  • Drilling them on practical ways on which to stay safe in digital spaces to avoid forms of online gender based violence.


The 20 young girls and women left the intensive 2 day session well grounded with the know-how and skills to allow them to navigate the digital world with confidence and in safety.