Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop.


The Context

Youth unemployment in Cameroon is at an all-time high. Most university graduates cannot find jobs after school because government cannot accommodate all graduates, while private sector too has its own limitations. This number has been escalated recently due to the current socio-political situation in Cameroon. For the past two years, youths have not had full access to education.

The Problem

This increase in unemployment has caused Poverty and sad living conditions, high crime waves amongst youths, poor mental health due to frustration, radicalisation and extremism in youths and Brain Drain among others.

BeLA's Response (Solution) 

It is for this reason that BeLA organises a workshop on Youth Entrepreneurship themed "Youth Entrepreneurship, a tool for Sustainable Development" . This shall target 50 young people in Bamenda with a passion to create positive socila impact in their communites profitably, through business and social ventures.

The main thematic areas of the workshop will be:

-Entrepreneurship: Business idea identification

-Business Model Generation, Implementation and Startup Tooks

-Development Initiates, Starting a Social Venture

-Case studies form sucessful local entrepreneurs

-Motivational Talks

and much more.